Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Vehicle Insured?

Absolutely! All vehicles are fully inspected upon loading and a bill of lading will be produced after inspection. When the car reaches its destination it is again inspected and then signed for by the customer. We provide you with all insurance information before the shipment takes place and in the event of a dispute will assist you with the process.

Carrier Types

OPEN- The open transportation of your vehicle is the most common and standard way for vehicles to be shipped. These types of transportation are at a more affordable rate yet still reliable and insured.

ENCLOSED- For a significantly higher price range, which can differ depending on location, you can choose to have your vehicle shipped in an enclosed hauler. This is more frequently used with luxury and show-cars and protects your vehicle from weather and other road hazards. 

How Is Payment Accepted & When Do I Pay?

Upon assigning a carrier to pick up your vehicle there will be a small portion of the quote required in order to reserve the truck space. Once the vehicle is safely delivered to you the driver will then accept the remaining balance and bulk of the quote via cash or certified funds. ( In most cases we can work with you on method of payment).

Can I Place Personal Items In The Vehicle?

You can add up to 100lbs of personal items safely secured in the trunk of your car. Anything exceeding that amount will be an additional charge and prices may vary.